Why can’t I upload the photos you sent me to the MLS or for that matter any other Website?

You're most likely trying to upload the photos directly from the zip file that you downloaded from us.  The internet will not allow you to directly upload from zip file folders (zip files have a little zipper going across them on PC's). After downloading the zip file from us, you have to extract the photos from the zip folder. This should create and place the photos into a normal folder but sometimes you have to manually save the photos to another folder.  Once they are saved to a new folder, then and only then, can they be uploaded to your MLS or other websites.  After you have completed this process, you should delete the zip folder from your computer so that you do not mistakenly try to upload photos from the zip file folder again.  On Mac computers, the process is always done automatically as soon as you open the zip folder.  However,  if you’ve never extracted files from a zip folder on a P.C. then  View this short YouTube tutorial on how to do it.