My seller didn’t like part of the tour/some of the photos, what can be done about it?

If your tour or photos were not produced to our 'Hometakes format and standards' as seen on our website samples, we will re-edit them for free (or return to re-shoot if necessary). However, if they are to our Hometakes format and standards, a reshoot fee will apply if you want us to return to the property.  Please understand that a photo may look different if shot at a different time of day.  However, it will not count as an unacceptable shot if the exposure is a little lighter or darker because of the exterior lighting (such as the sun pointing toward the camera on the front of home shot).  Please understand that we can't change the position of the sun.   If you feel the need to appease your seller, we can return for a reshoot for $75 plus $10 per photo and $25 per video scene.

Our format for a Flythrough video is a walking shot into the room/scene followed by a panning shot (where applicable). You will also get a pan to the view outside on a room with a view to the rear of the property.  This constitutes a 'video scene'.  Depending on your package ordered, depends on how many video scenes you get.  See here for video scenes Vs. Package ordered.  A showcase package may get an extra panning shot depending on the size of the room.  Our format is the same for all packages that are shot, so there's consistency in our product and you always get what is in your package. If you wanted extra footage on a particular room/scene that was important to you (or your seller) you should have notified the videographer that you want to upgrade for extra video footage (or extra scene) to be taken of that room/scene on the day of the shoot.  

On rare occasions, an agent has forwarded the tour link to their seller only to find that the seller does not like the style/format of the tour. Again, If you feel the need to appease your seller, we can allow the seller to act as 'Director' to the videographer. They may tell the videographer what to shoot and in the style the seller wants it done.  For example, all walking shots and no panning shots.  However, we would strongly urge you to avoid this if at all possible.  Most likely the tour end up not as good as seen in this example by this seller directed video.  Heres the same video shot in our Hometakes format that  can be seen here if you want to compare the two.