I received my photos and tour links yet the property still shows as pending in my account. Why is that?

Throughout our week, our first priority is to send agents their photos and tour links as fast as we can. So we created our workflow to deliver these items first.  Your tour will still show as pending as there are other things that need to be completed on our end.  These items may include sending the original video file (to those that ordered it), uploading the video to our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts or uploading the tour link to Realtor.com.   We can't specify exactly how long these things will take as it depends on how many photos and tours we have to deliver for that week.  Rest assured, we won't forget to complete any other items because we use flowchart so items that need to be completed can't be missed.  Once we have finished every item, the status of your tour will be moved from pending to completed.