I ordered a new amenity tour but didn’t see it attached to my home tour. Where is it?

Producing an amenity tour takes longer to produce than a home tour.  It may take two weeks to produce after the home tour is ready.  The process in producing a new amenity tour is much different to making a home tour.  The process works like this:  First the videographer that shot the video has to edit the tour (this is not done in our regular edit department). They then upload the tour to a temporary website.  The link to the video is then sent to the script writer so that they can see and write about the amenities.  However, before they can write a script, they have to research the amenities online through various websites. Once written, the script is then sent to the narrator for recording and then sent back to us.  We then forward it to the videographer for it to be edited into the video. The video is then compressed into various formats and sent to the edit department for upload to our server. Once uploaded, it is added to our system and then placed next to your home tour on the tour template.  The price of this is $25. Amenity tours can be added to an agent's website for a yearly license fee of $249.  When a license is purchased, the agent no longer pays for the addition of that amenity tour in that community for any subsequent home tour that they order.  The original file for the amenity tour is not available for purchase.