I normally receive an email saying that my photos or video tour is complete but I didn’t this time. Why is that?

The VERY BEST WAY to get your photos or tour links once they have been completed, is to log in to your account and get them from there.  

If you wish to forward photo or video links to anyone, simply log into your account and copy and paste them to your email. The emails that tell you that your tours and photos are ready are system generated one time only, we cannot duplicate them and resend them to you.   

Please note: You should wait until the estimated delivery time of 2 business days for photos and 3 business days for video before emailing us. Time periods are calculated from the next business day after the appointment. If you dont see them in your account after that period of time, feel free to contact us.   Quite often our system emails will not make it to your inbox or even your spam/junk folder.  This may be due to your webserver marking our email address as a spammer. Typically, this happens with AOL or Comcast email addresses but sometimes happens with others too.  We strongly suggest using a different company other than AOL or Comcast, plus they are not considered 'business professional' email addresses.  If you must have one thats not your name such as john@johndoe.com, the best alternative is a Gmail address.  It's free and generally more reliable in allowing the emails from our system to get through to you.