I am trying to Submit an order but nothing happens or my order won't go through

First we recommend using Safari if you are using a Mac or Explorer when ordering from your computer. We dont recommend ordering from a mobile device (you won't be able to hear the music choices from mobile devices).  If you are using the recommended browsers and your order still wont submit, you will need to clear your temporary internet files. Sometimes browsers get stuck when submitting forms on web pages for unknown reasons and clearing these files works 99% of the time.    Clearing your cache frequently is like the need for changing the oil on your car (only you should do it once a week if you are on the internet everyday). It will only run for so long before it breaks down or starts to splutter like a bad engine.

If you dont know how to do it on the particular browser you are using, we have provided a link (below) that gives instructions on how to clear you cache for most browsers (however, we highly recommend Internet Explorer for PC's and Safari for Mac). After clearing it, YOU MUST CLOSE YOUR BROWSER AND RE-OPEN IT or your computer wont know that it has been reset (its vital that you do this or it still may not work). 

Click here for instructions on how to clear your temporary internet files.