Do you support HTML video embed code fields for MLS?

MLS boards with a specific 'HTML video embed code' field DO NOT support Video Tour Templates and because of that its not available from us.  A video tour template is everything else that surrounds the video such as photo tabs or options such as town tour tabs, amenity tour tabs etc.  However, this DOES NOT mean that your video tour cannot be played on MLS.   You can still view it if you upload the un-branded tour link to the 'virtual tour' field on your MLS listing.  Thats the place where our tours belong on MLS (the 'virtual tour' field).  Some MLS's have a second virtual tour link field for Branded tours.  If you don't know where the 'virtual tour field is, your MLS support staff can assist you with that as well as tell you how to upload photos to your listing .  Just remember to tell the MLS support rep. that you are looking for the 'Virtual Tour' link field and NOT the field for an HTML video embed code.  Its actually better to ask them, "how do I upload my 'Virtual Tour' to MLS" and don't mention the word 'video' to them as they'll most likely end up telling you that you need an HTML video emded code (which you don't) if you mention the word video.