Can I review the photos and check the angles to see if I like what was taken?

Actually, the agent or representative who meets the videographer must review the photos that were taken on the day of the shoot.  If you don't like an angle or photo taken, now is the time to fix it.  We cannot come back to reshoot any photos without charge, that's why there is a review process.  It is the reviewers responsibility to check that they have all the rooms & angles that they want.  We advise that you make sure that you order  a package that will fit the needs of the property as under ordering the package will most likely result in the seller pointing out that a photo of something they wanted shown is missing.  Retaking photos after the appointment costs $75 return fee plus the cost of each photo.  You may request that the review of the photos take place on the photographers laptop for a full-size view of the photos.  If you choose to review them on the screen on the back of the camera you may not like what you see when the photos are delivered to you.  We strongly advise you to allow the photographer an extra couple of minutes to transfer the photos to their computer and review them there.   If there's an angle or photo you don't like, they will delete it and retake another.  Please understand that Photographers are not Real Estate agents and sometimes can't differentiate between bedrooms, dens, offices etc. so don't assume that they took all the photos you wanted.  We are happy to give you exactly what you want and that's what the review process is for.  If you sent your assistant, partner or another representative to the appointment, they are responsible for reviewing and approving the photos.  If you do not like what they approved, we cannot reshoot without a fee and suggest that the listing agent be there to approve photos on future shoots.  Although this Q&A is here on our web page, it also appeared on our operations guide which was given to you on your first appointment.