Can I resell or give-away the tour I purchased from Hometakes to another Agent/Broker?

The short answer is that you cannot resell or give away any video tour or photos you ordered from us.  It's in our policies and conditions that when you purchase photos or a tour from Hometakes, we retain all rights to them. Essentially when you purchase a tour/photos from us you are licensing them for your life.  For example, if you didn't sell the property and the owner takes the home off the market for a year and then decides to put it back on the market with you, its yours to use again and again.  However, if the home gets listed with another agent and the other agent wants to use the tour, you cannot resell it as its not yours to re-sell or give away.

Only we can re-sell a home tour.  However, we won't re-sell a tour without the original purchasers permission if the tour is listed within 3 months of the listing expiring or being canceled.  We feel its only good business to ask the previous licensee in case they don't want the new agent to use it.  If the licensee says no, we won't re-sell it to the new listing agent and the new agent will have to pay for a new tour. If the previous licensee is ok with it, then we re-sell the tour at 50% of the original cost of the order.