Can I request an edit change to the video?

We developed a 'Hometakes Format' to our tours and before they are sent to the client they are watched to make sure that meet the standards of any of the videos that can be seen on our youtube channel.  If you want changes to a video you may request an edit change.  Edit changes start from $25 on Flythrough packages and $50 on any other package and will be quoted based on the amount of changes needed.  Please note, that we shoot at 30 FPS and videos cannot be slowed down as they will get jittery (stagger) but can be sped up. If a request is to speed up the entire video by say 5%, it will cost the minimum re-edit fee.

 If you would like us to quote you a re-edit of video scenes, such as cutting a scene short, let us know how many you would like us to change.  You must also look at the time counter on the video and quote each scene by the time counter and what needs doing to it.  I.E. "the scene begining at 0:38 and ending at 0:52, I'd like it to end at 0:48 as the owner has decided he does not want the portrait of his wife shown in the video. Another example would be "Instead of the scene beginning at 1:44 through 2:00 please begin it at 1:49.  This also will enable us to provide an exact cost and final custome edit.  

There's a re-edit fee even for what may seem to only be a 'small change' to a video.  This is because there is no comparison between a photo tour and a video tour.  A video requires human intervention all the way through the process unlike a photo tour where the pushing of one button on the computer does all the work.  Normal photos are around 5mb.  Compare that with a Video file of 5 Gigabytes or more and the difference is a thousand times larger. This can require up to 4 hours in transcoding the (computer processing), editing, and compression for the web and has to happen no matter how small the change.