Why does Hometakes charge to host my 3D Tour after 60 days?

In short, as all aspects of the 3D Tour is controlled by Matterport, they charge the Tour Provider (us) for hosting their product.  At Hometakes, all 3D Tours come with 60 days free hosting.  Other companies that provide Matterport Tours in Florida sometimes dont charge for hosting (until after a year).  So why do we?  Here's the simple answer:  We havent found one Matterport Tour provider in Florida that comes close to our pricing when a 3D Tour is ordered as an option to a package which starts at only $99.  We discount them with a minimum of 50% off of our normal pricing when ordered this way.  

Even as a stand alone order, we are still  cheaper than our closest competitor (ours starts at $199 as a stand alone order, theirs $375).  One of the reasons that we dont build in the price of hosting is simply because we know that you may sell the property within 60 days, so wouldnt you rather pay for the hosting only if you need it?  If you need additional hosting after your free 60 day period it can be purchased for  $35 (90 days), $55 (180 days) or $79 (360 days).  Even with the additional hosting time, we are still way less expensive that any other Matterport service provider we have seen in Florida.