Why hasn’t my tour link been uploaded to Realtor.com even though I entered the MLS number into my Hometakes account.

 If we cannot find the listing on Realtor.com's portal to upload your tour link , we get a message as seen in the photo below.  There could be three reasons why we could not upload your tour link to Realtor.com. Firstly, If you have not released the listing in MLS as fully active, then it will not be pushed to Realtor.com's system and we won't be able to find it.  Secondly, Realtor.com requires us to enter the exact same address as what you entered into your MLS.  If its not the same, again we won't be able to find it.  You should check that what you entered into your MLS account is the same as what you entered into your Hometakes account.   If you find that they are not the same,  contact us and we will change it and attempt to upload it again. Third, if you entered the incorrect MLS into your Hometakes account, once more, we will not be able to find it on Realtor.com's Picture Paths tour link portal.  If its none of the above, then you will have to contact Realtor.com and find out why your tour can't be seen by us in their 'Picture Path' portal (thats where we have to upload the tour to).  They can be reached at 800-878-4166.