Why doesn't the video look like the photos?

First, we should explain a little to you so that you can understand how all cameras work versus what our eyes see when we are at any given property.  Your eyes have a 'high dynamic range' (HDR) which basically means has the ability to see both bright areas and dark areas at the same time.  By comparison, cameras do not especially when under high contrast conditions.  The following example and explanation is best understood when there isnt any cloud cover of the sun and its very bright outside..   

So, bright blue skies are abound on a day that you are standing at the entrance of a beautifuly decorated room that has a 'wall of floor to ceiling windows' overlooking the ocean room and there is a beautiful view to be seen outside. Your eyes will allow you to see both inside the room and the blue ocean and skies that are outside at the same time.  Cameras can not do that.  They cant because they have a much lower 'dynamic range' than our eyes.  So how can a camear take photos that show both the inside and the outside at the same time?  Well they dont.  But several photo are taken and are processed in a computer using the 'HDR' process.  Hence, the name HDR photos.  An HDR photo is basically a trick photo. The trick being that the camera takes a series of photos from light to dark and then they are blended together to bring both the inside and the outside exposures into one photo.  

With video, you can only take one exposure at any given time.  You have three choices to use with video.  Choice 1 & 2 is that you can either manually set the exposure to see inside or outside a room in which case you would either have a very dark room and see the outside view clearly or a clear view of the inside but with windows so bright you'd think the sun were 10 feet away from the window (known as window white out or window blowout). Or the 3rd choice is that the camera can be set to auto exposure which doesnt allow either to happen too much.  The footage wont go very dark, but it also wont go very bright as the camera adjusts the exposure constantly to what is sees overall in the frame.  This is the setting that we do use.  Another reason that we use this setting is so that we can pan from the window and view outside to the inside to show the view from the room and the camera automatically adjusts the exposure so that you will see the transition from outside to inside.

However, if it's a very overcast day or there a covered patio or the sun is on the other side of the home, or a combination of all three, theres more than a good chance that you will be able to see the outside and the inside at the same time.  So on some videos vs. others, comparisons can not be  due to these variances.