Why can’t I add nice day insurance on the day of the shoot?

Think of it like you declined the Full Collision Damage waiver on a rental car that you rented, had an accident, and then took the car back and asked the rental company if you can now add the insurance. Of course, they couldnt do it as its a insurance against what may happen and not after it happened.  With our nice day insurance, you are insuring against the day having gray and overcast skies.  We will fix the photos free of charge just as the rental company would fix the car. To photoshop bluer skies into a photo cost $20 each if you didn’t take the insurance.  It's advisable to add the insurance to your order it if you want to make sure you have blue skies in  your exterior photos, over 90% of our orders take the insurance with their orders. Its already defaulted to be added so if you dont want it, you have to uncheck the check box. We do this intentionally as in the past some agents forgot to add it as they regularly added it and if you decline it, you had to make an action to delete it.