How does Hometakes pricing compare to other tour companies?

First a little bit about what we do and what makes us different.  We only take HDR Photos.  Photoshopping gray skies to ‘blue skies’ is a no cost feature. We also add to any photo that shows a T.V or computer monitor an image of the home. We also photoshop the 'lighting up' of fireplaces and photoshop any reflections that show the camera. Our video tour is shot in 4k resolution, edited in 4k and for those with a 4k or 2k retina screens, will playback (online) in both 4K and 2K formats.   We not only stay up to date with the latest in camera technology and drone equipment, but also the way our video and photos are delivered to you. From our tour template, our photo tab will open your photos directly to full screen as when it comes to viewing photos.  When it comes to viewing photos, bigger is ALWAYS better.   So how does our pricing compare?  The first image is of our closest competitor.   Their least expensice video and photo package is nearly twice the price of ours at $375, ours is just $199.  Our photo only pricing starts at $99 with their least expensive starting at $185. We are simply the best value tour company all around.



We offer the best prices around. Just compare!